1st July 2012


So, turns out I can’t access data on my phone at all outside of my own house, so I can’t check Facebook from work. If you want to talk to me and keep me occupied on my overnight shift, you’re gonna have to text me =\

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5th May 2012

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Thank god my Tumblr doesn’t share with Facebook anymore…

I keep accidentally posting things to my main blog >_<

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16th April 2012

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30th March 2012

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That awkward moment when one of your Facebook friends accidently uploads sexting-style self shots….

and you Like the picture. Does that make me a creeper? >_<

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30th January 2012

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I know this applies more to Facebook, but its totally true :p

I know this applies more to Facebook, but its totally true :p

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30th August 2011

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If you poke me on Facebook I’m assuming it means you’re DTF?

Someone just randomly poked me and I saw this on my dash, I couldn’t NOT reblog =P

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