29th March 2014

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Leveling my new monk finally…

And the engineer who wants to use explosives to remove the thorn in the great turtle’s side is named Makael Bay….how did I miss THAT the first time through these quests?!? :p

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7th September 2013

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30 Day World of Warcraft Challenge: Day 5

Your favorite Classic instance: Assuming that the question is referring strictly to dungeons, I’m gonna have to go with Blackrock Depths. The sheer size of the place made for a truly epic dungeon run back in the day, and I really enjoyed most of the boss fights. I really hope Blizzard uses their now-perfected scaling technology to bring it back in some form or another.

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12th July 2012


World of Warcraft offer

If anyone is interested in trying out World of Warcraft, let me know ASAP. They’re cycling out the old Recruit-a-Friend mount, and I’d like to get my hands on one before its gone. In exchange, I’ll help you level/deck your character out in gold and free stuff ;-)

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