9th February 2012


That awkward moment when..

A girl I used to have a crush on came in to the gas station where I work two different times tonight, and I could tell she recognized me from the one time we hung out alone. So I get home and see that she’s on Skype, so I send her a message telling her that I wanted to apologize for being awkward and kind of douchey when we hung out (it was about a month after Kelsie and I broke up, so I was a little fucked in the head about my emotions, and the idea of liking someone else). Twenty minutes go by, and I get this message…

"Kate isn’t here, this is her boyfriend. I’ll pass the message on."


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19th November 2011

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awwwwhhhh yeah ;D


awwwwhhhh yeah ;D

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27th August 2011

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30th July 2011

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The awkward moment when someone doesn’t reply to your ask


And you keep checking if they answered it..


But instead they answer other people’s questions

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