13th August 2013

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TMI Tuesday

TMI Tuesday

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26th July 2013

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Work 3-11:30

Text: Ask for my number

Kik: moblinman

Alternately, spam my ask box with the most random questions you can come up with, and I’ll answer them when it gets slow.

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1st July 2013


Slow overnight

People should text me (Ask for my number in ask) to keep me awake, or spam my Ask box with absurd questions! :D

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12th April 2013


Work 3-11:30

Probably alone, too. This shift is gonna suck, so you guys should leave me stuff, or questions to answer when it gets slow :3

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31st December 2012



I fucking hate working overnights when I’m sick. I slept all day too, so I’m just really fucking bored because we’re dead. Someone should spam me with asks or text me or something :3

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21st November 2012


Someone should hang out with me tonight after work, I have boreds.

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16th September 2012



Soooo booored. Someone text me? ;3

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16th August 2012


Aaaand here comes the overnight =[

Working 11 to 7am again.

This one is going to suck especially hard since I’ve been in a shitty, nostalgic mood all day.

People should leave stuff in my Ask box for me to get during work, or better yet text me. Just ask for my number ;3

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1st July 2012


So, turns out I can’t access data on my phone at all outside of my own house, so I can’t check Facebook from work. If you want to talk to me and keep me occupied on my overnight shift, you’re gonna have to text me =\

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10th June 2012

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Cartoons and alcohol and blanket taquitos

Girlfriend taquitos are the cutest <3


Cartoons and alcohol and blanket taquitos

Girlfriend taquitos are the cutest <3

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3rd June 2012

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Time for the overnight once again, oh joy!


As always, texts would be most appreciated during this most dull shift.

Two in a row, I love this -_-

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2nd June 2012

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Time for the overnight once again, oh joy!

As always, texts would be most appreciated during this most dull shift -_-

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19th May 2012


Time to get ready for the overnight…

Its gonna be a LOOOOOOOOOONG night…text me? :3

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5th May 2012

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Cuddle Buddy Application

Wanna be my cuddle buddy? Well here is your chance to apply! Please review the qualifications, and if you are interested just fill out the application and send it to my Ask SUBMIT box. Including references will automatically disqualify you, as that crosses into several different thresholds of creepy. All applications will be screened thoroughly for consideration, you will be messaged if I have any further questions.

Edit: I was a little over-zealous with questions, so you need to answer them in my Submit box instead. To make up for it, I’ll submit one back to you ;3

Please Note: I will not publish your application, unless of course you specifically ask me to.


Must like cuddles - “Cuddling” sometimes goes beyond just cuddling, but most of the time it doesn’t. For the purposes of this application, “cuddling” means JUST cuddling :3 


The Basics





Body type:

Do you have a cell phone?:

Favorite feature of yourself?:

Are you ‘SEEING’ anybody currently?:

Position you normally sleep in?:

Do you snore?:

Do you steal blankets?:

Do you sleep naked?:

Do you sleep in?:

What’s your definition of “snuggling?”:

Would you be interested in going beyond cuddling? If yes, what would you do?:

Reason for wanting a cuddle buddy?:

How much have you cuddled before?:

Do you think I want to snuggle with you?:

Will you make me laugh?:

Are you awkward?:

Can you keep a good conversation going?:

Why do you want to cuddle with me?:

What do you think makes you the world’s best cuddler?:

Any additional information you would like me to know?:

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1st May 2012

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Overnight time, here we go again

You guys know the drill. Eight hours with barely any customers = someone should text Rob ;)

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