22nd February 2014

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12th May 2013

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Pfft, what’s that?

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16th August 2012


Aaaand here comes the overnight =[

Working 11 to 7am again.

This one is going to suck especially hard since I’ve been in a shitty, nostalgic mood all day.

People should leave stuff in my Ask box for me to get during work, or better yet text me. Just ask for my number ;3

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14th June 2012


Can’t sleep, and I work in 2 hours…


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1st May 2012

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Overnight time, here we go again

You guys know the drill. Eight hours with barely any customers = someone should text Rob ;)

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4th March 2012

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I work C-shift tonight (11pm-7am) all alone, and its gonna be boring as fuck =[

So some of you cool cats should text me to keep me occupied so I don’t fall asleep and let the store get robbed >_<

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24th February 2012


Tumblr fails hard on my phone, and I can’t sleep…again =(

Someone text me please? And by somebody, I mean literally anybody at this point :P

If you don’t have my number, inbox me and I’ll send you it privately. I will also re-pay your texts with cyber-cuddles, if you would like :3

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7th January 2012

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I still can’t sleep :’(

Something needs to change, and soon.. =(

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6th January 2012

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I woke up and it was dark outside…

and then I looked over at my clock and realized HOLY SHIT ITS FUCKING 6PM. I really need to stop mixing alcohol and nightlong PvP marathons :P

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25th November 2011


Can’t sleep, anyone wanna text?

Ask me for my number, if anyone is actually up :P

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