16th June 2013

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Suddenly, all the feels :x

Helping other people through their problems is usually a cathartic experience for me, but apparently not tonight :(

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27th May 2012

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15th October 2011

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Tonight is one of those nights…

When I feel completely alone. I think one of my best friends has given up on our friendship, and I don’t know how to ask him about it. Manda is at work, Avery is at a concert, and the rest of my handful of close friends are unresponsive so far =\

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26th August 2011


Have you ever felt alone?

Completely alone in the universe. Except for crickets. Every time I’m feeling alone at night and I’m in my room, I open my window just a crack, so I can hear the crickets outside. Their song reminds me of the busy signal you get when someone leaves the phone off the hook, or when you linger too long when you’re leaving someone a voicemail, and your allotted time is up but you haven’t said everything you wanted to. Thats a pretty good metaphor for life in general, actually: The world is too busy for you, or it just doesn’t care, or you don’t have enough time to pour your heart out before the curtain closes and the lights dim.

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